What do sick as well as underprivileged children, elderly people and youngsters in prison have in common? As we all do, they need attention and love. Dogs are completely unconditional in their love, they never judge. 
Therapeutic, heartwarming, with compassion, energetic, companionship.. These are all character traits of service / buddy dogs. Officially recognized all over the world, Curaçao has its own unique project ‘My buddy is a dog’…. and our trained local dogs play a very important role, as well as our dedicated volunteers do. 

Supportive buddy love

To start with.....  dogs are completely unconditional in their love, they never judge.
For all the children (sick/traumatized children, children in poor social environments and children with mental retardation),  we use the same dogs. We selected them last year at the Asiel, in cooperation with Stichting Dierenbescherming Curacao .

They were trained and perform their buddy work with great pleasure. Always in a good mood, enjoying bonding with the kids. The 3 dogs, Eva, Britt and Tess are friends since they came in the asiel and live in a spacious kennel where they can play together.

Damion and Norviendel PWF with their bud

Children, illness and trauma

Together with our partners Ronald McDonald House Curacao/Prinses Wilhelmina Fonds  we brought our buddies in contact with 2 boys. We had sessions during 6 months and the results were awesome.  Our aim is to start in our new hospital, visiting children in their room to comfort and cheer them up while staying there for a longer period.  

Damion PWF SURVIVED....jpg

 Children in poor social environments

Together with our partner the Ministry of SOAW, we selected 2 children to join our project. They learn how to have respect for animals, that will help them to show respect to people when they grow up. It is a recognized fact that children who did not learn to respect animals, will hardly - to not - be able to respect people when they are grown up  (prevention youth criminality). 

2018-07-18 15.52.37.jpg

Youngsters in prison

Youngsters in prison get a boost when interacting with a dog. They become more self assured through playing with the dogs and cuddling them. They can tell their buddy anything they want, dogs do not judge. Very important on their way back to freedom! In march we said farewell to one youngster. In may another youngster went home. They both declared that the therapy had helped them a lot. One of them is now helping us during our sessions with the mentally retarded children. They benefit of his presence. 

We do this in cooperation with our partner JJIC (former GOG) 


Senior citizens

Senior citizens can benefit a lot from the company of a     dog, better said, a buddy. We started with two older ladies, one of them reached the age of 101 years! Both ladies enjoyed our visits a lot.... up till the moment that, because of their age, their mobility deteriorated. But recently we started with two very nice ladies  who enjoy our visits a lot as well. 

We do this  in Huize Zorg en Hoop, a home for elder people, together with Alle Hadoc organisation, the owner of the dogs and very  loyal volunteer during our sessions, from day one!

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Ways to Help:

Volunteer Your Time

People who would like to volunteer can reach us through our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/mybuddyisadog. If you send us a  message  through messenger, we wll get back to you as soon as possible. We assure you that it is very awesome to work with kids, youngsters , elderly people and last but not least, the buddies.

It is a very positive way to help and be part of the process. 



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My buddy is a dog:

* the foundation

* donations

My buddy is a dog 

was officially launched in March 2018.  A successful year followed which we showed through the many pictures and stories on facebook    

in March 2019 we set up the 'My buddy is a dog foundation' to really secure our good intentions

.and to be able to open a local bank account 

As a foundation is a non-profit organisation, we are completely dependent on donations 

You are very welcome to support the foundation,  to open your heart and help us moving on on our path and involve more participants  within our target groups

Our bank account is with Vida Nova Bank, account  # 3001173708 My Buddy is a dog foundation, Curaçao